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Embermount Flames & gold pack destrucrion

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Im searching for embermount Flames mod. I am @ floor 204 but never seen? Any suggestion?

I also want to buy the golden pack destruction, but it's not in the shop? 





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Embermount Flames drops from Campaign to Chaos 7 but you would need Lavamancer in deck. Multiple in deck make it better or having GW or Barb also enable mods specific to other heroes to drop.

That all being said, Embermount Flames is a terrible mod. Fissure has a target limit of 10 enemies and enemies burning from Embermount Flames takes up that limit, so 10 enemies burning means the Fissure itself isnt doing damage to any new enemies entering it.

This is compounded by the fact that enemies dying inside the Fissure makes the mod useless, enemies dying shortly after Fissure means an anti mod will kill them for sure, and enemies that get far past the Fissure means there is something very wrong with your setup.

Its not a very good mod and thats the reason it has never been since mods were introduced several years ago.

Either way, good luck on farming it :)

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