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With more new heroes coming out, I thought i would share my character design. This is purely for fun and mind picking :)


possible names: The Captain, Commander, Skipper, The Buccaneer 

General overview:

Hero play style - A melee damage character with a side job as support. He can equip swords, as well as a unique melee weapon that only he can equip called cutlasses. Cutlasses have faster attack rate/ swing speed then normal swords on average but have less range and do slightly less damage ( alternatively he could have a passive that lets him have faster attack speed but less damage with normal swords, the item effect down below for example). but also has a viable ranged attack in his second ability " handcannon". He doesn't have any buff to help with his speed, so without outside help he's relatively slow getting around the battlefield, but has a quick draw on his sword.

Design - a steampunk like pirate/cyborg, Modern day technology with a overall pirate theme. His left hand is a metal cannon that he uses for his second ability. He has a long coat on and heavy metal boots that weight him down but help him in his double jump. He was the Captain/Leader of the ship that Ev-a once sailed on to get to Eternia. ( could be a spaceship or a sailing ship ). If you've ever played risk of rain 2, he could look like a more steampunk version of the captain character in that.

potential ability overview:

ability 1 - " capture the flag"

the main support ability that the build will probably somewhat revolve around. 

You plant a flag on the ground that emits an aura. It works similar to the DDA monks defense boost where it's planted on the ground and only those inside are affected for the limited time, except it boosts hero stats instead. it will increase hero defense by a flat 20% or 30% ( at end game stats maybe? ), allowing it to go over the cap and be a helpful aid to squishier characters when supporting in multiplayer. and it will also either increase the ability stat or attack stat depending on which is higher on the hero that placed it. it will only affect any heroes who are in the aura. the scaling is dependent on those individual stats as well. For balancing sake i think the attack stat buff should be around 20-25% at end game but the ability power buff should be much higher at 80%-ish to help make ability power builds in multiplayer to be more viable, and to help out his own ability in singleplayer.

ability 2 - "hand cannon"

A quick shotgun blast with medium range, short cooldown, small mana usage, and medium low damage ( when compared to other heros damaging abilities). it scales off of ability stat only. this is a viable ranged option for a melee character, and gives you the feeling of a FPS with the power behind each use and being able to use it somewhat consistently while weaving into melee range and then out to ranged damage. I like the idea of it being similar to DD2s gunwitch and a combo of her ice needle ability and her shotgun blast, Where it feels like you can use it pretty consistently with low downtime. It could do medium knockback to most non-boss enemies.

Tower ideas:

Tower idea 1 - "Artillery" 5DU

A slightly longer version of the squire cannon, except it has a lower rate of fire and higher damage. It has a small aoe damage and knocks back smaller enemies. I was thinking it could be a toned down version of DSTs that you could focus on 1 lane, or as a Damage/CC combo tower to help CC the weaker mobs while doing decent damage to stronger ones.

Tower idea 2 - "Gunpowder Barrel" 3DU

a small barrel that you place down that will spread gunpowder in a medium sized aoe ( smaller than auras but bigger then traps )and leave enemies covered in it. when those enemies come in contact with fire damage there's a large explosion and the range of the explosion scales off of range, and deals extra fire damage based off of the power of the hero who placed the barrel. It is not an aura or trap however, and has a body and health. It has higher health scaling then most towers, but less then walls. When it gets destroyed, it explodes in enemies faces similar to an explosive trap dealing damage that scales off of the fortitude stat.

Toter idea 3 - " Treasure Chest" 4DU

A chest filled with gold and treasure that acts as a wall that periodically Taunts enemies in an aoe around it, and then once the timer ends it will release damage that scales off of the amount of damage that it had taken during the taunt period. Something like 1000% ( WIP % ) of the damage taken ( so if it took 10k damage it would deal 100k at the end of the taunt).

Tower idea 4 - " Clam Shooter" 4DU

A clam that will shoot out slow moving bubbles at enemies (similar to fireburst but even slower projectiles), it has a slight AOE that doesn't do damage but debuffs mobs defense so they take more damage from other damage sources. and it increases the amount of damage mobs take from electric damage sources even more.

Tower idea 5 - " Magic Mortar" 7DU

A mortar that fires high arching Magic explosives that will go and seek out high priority targets ( mechanically speaking it would be similar to DD2s lavamancer volcano without the placement limit, and visually like DD2s apprentice magic missile ability). the projectile speed and fire rate scaling are medium slow and the mortar itself is a decently large sized tower with good power scaling, it would be hard to fit more then 2 on a 4DU overclock beam. 

Tower idea 6 - " Net launcher" 3DU

A net launcher will launch nets at flying enemies and drag them to the ground ( or just stops them in place). an Anti-air, situational support tower.

Potential Unique item effects

(Side note: i wrote this before the item effects came out so this is mostly speculation on how they will work, also just using captain as the filler name for these)

Captain's fury - as you hit an enemy your attack speed and movement speed will ramp up. 4% increase in swing speed and speed per hit until you cap out at 100% or 25 swings. It will reset if you don't hit anything for 3 seconds. This would thrive on a attack melee build over a ranged ability build ,allowing him to rampage the front lines and also being able to support other melee heros with his Flag increasing defense and attack damage.

Captains empowerment/ Down with the ship - ability Cooldown on melee hit. Everytime you hit an enemy with your primary melee attack it lowers the cooldown of your abilities by X amount. This would make his playstyle even more like DD2s gunwitch with her low cooldowns. allowing you to make an ability power build that focuses on rapid shooting his hand cannon ability while meleeing in between, or to be able to keep your Flag buff uptime consistent so you can support yourself/ allies.

Chance on hit for mana regeneration - everytime he does any damage from any source, there's a small chance ( maybe 10% or lower) that you will regen x% ( small amount) of mana. This could be a universally found effect not just restricted to this hero's weapon/gear. It would be a great support for this character so he can continue blasting or buffing without worry especially if combined with a genie.

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