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DD2 suggestion : Giving certain enemies more relevancy.

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Hey there and ooh boy! It's been a hot while since I made a suggestion for DD2! And now that CG is giving some love to DD2, I thought why not add some new suggestions of mine!

Unlike previous suggestions of mine, these ones will be more grounded. To an extent, at least. They'll hopefully be in line with what I think its possible to be actually done and also won't be that unrealistically over the top or *possibly idiotic* too haha. (What the heck was I smoking when I was suggesting purple Cyborks and Kobolts? Hail to the blue ones!

This whole topic spawned in my mind as I was working on the main enemy page of the wiki and saw that a certain group of enemies not really appearing in Onslaught or Expeditions despite many incursion-exclusive enemies did. (This issue did glare at me during the release of PoTA, but now my attention was brought back again) But I can see why these enemies didn't as they doesn't really have any actual unique abilities. So this suggestions serves to provide some ideas on what abilities these enemies could have.

So yeah, without further ado, let's dive into the suggestions.


Part 1) Lady Orcs.


I remember seeing plenty of them during the NM4 days but they were eventually phased out of the roster as the Berserkers were introduced, with the sole survivor being Sturgis the Falconer. And I can see why that happened, compared to the zerkers these Lady Orc are practically just another orc. So my suggestion for their ability would be - 


Giving them a spinning-cleave attack that deals high AoE damage and knockback swiftly similar to DDA's Squire's Circular Slice or Goblin Mech's spin attack when a hero or defense is in their melee range. Defenses doesn't get knockback of course.

* Tier 1 would have the Lady Orc doing 1 spin with a 5 seconds cooldown before doing another spin.

* Tier 2 would have the Lady Orc doing 1 spin with a 3 seconds cooldown before doing it again.

* Tier 3 will have the Lady Orc doing 1 spin every 1.5 seconds.


While regular orcs are tanks that deals blunt force trauma, Lady Orc would also be tanks that deals damage in a somewhat sharp fashion. 


Part 2) Maldonis the Dark.


I used to want Dreadbones and Drakenlord minibosses to appear only as a spectral form for expeditions as I thought their true form should stay in their respective special levels. I realized that was a really terrible idea as I can now see that it really is highly unnecessary to create an additional secondary visual just for the same type of enemy. Also with the likes of Griblok, Tuskar and Malthius lurking around, there's actually no reason on why Captain Dreadbones and The Drakenlord should not appear in expeditions in their original form too.

So yeah, with Dreadbones and Drakenlord parading in Expeditions and Onslaught, I don't see why we shouldn't bring Maldonis back into the fold. Of course, his abilities could use a little more "pizzazzed" buffs, with it being -


Shortly after Maldonis gets out of spawn protection, he'll spawn both Trikk and Treet minibosses on two random lanes. Once these two minibosses are killed, Maldonis will spawn all four Hero Skeletons minibosses on four random lanes. (If the map has only three lanes, Maldonis will not spawn.) Once all four skeletons are killed, the cycle repeats.

In addition, Maldonis himself will occasionally unleash damage waves (instead of healing wave) as a self defense mechanism. He'll move in a much slower pace than regular Dark Mages. Also, Maldonis will not be doing charged attacks or raising regular skeletons like regular Dark Mages too. His sole purpose is just being a living pylon that raises Unique undead minibosses.



2.5) Unique Undead Minibosses.


To add some extra oomph to Maldonis, I'd suggest giving the undead some buffs too - 


Trikk and Treet - Both will be basically walking time bombs lasting about 45 seconds, pulsing brighter as each second passes before exploding. Trikk will leave off a moderate radius of damaging red mushrooms on the ground while Treet leaves a moderate radius of poisonous dark mark.

Hero Skeketons - Their health will be twice as much than regular bosses and the skeletons will have the same abilities as certain shards. And to avoid confusion with the Halloween Skeleton costumes, I would propose a rename too. (Some of you guys may catch some references)

* Portario the Ravenous (Apprentice) - Attacks launches a piercing raven.

* Barbar the Howler (Squire) - Attacks gets more powerful with each swing.

* Elowyn of the Gourd (Huntress) - Projectiles gives both heroes and defenses a pumpkin debuff where they'll take more damage.

* Revenant Xiao (Monk) - Attacks produces a damaging burst of haunting specters. 

(As some of you may have guessed, these names are a callback to the original four heroes' pre-loaded names when you're creating new heroes back in Early Access.)


So the gameplan with Maldonis would be to try to kill him before Trikk and Treet explodes which results in the simultaneous summoning of the more powerful four hero skeletons. To compensate for the unusual enemy style, we could have the hero skeletons be loot pinatas (aside from the droppings of unique spooky weapons) like the Siren from DDA. So you will have to option of killing Maldonis as fast as possible of you don't want to deal with the skellies or letting him live if you want the loot.


So yeah, that's about it for my suggestion, I just thought about giving these enemies more spotlight rather than them just being stuck in incursions. If any of you defenders think that these are too hard, way too easy or badly unbalanced and have a better approach for them, feel free to post on the comments! Thanks for reading there, and cheers! 


(Also bonus suggestion - MaJean and I have been suggesting this for a few times already in the past but Skarnash the Terrible definitely still need a new title haha! We have Skewer, Skirmisher and Malevolent available. Heck, even Skarnash the Terminator would work well too - considering with its one red glowing eye, some T-800 vibes may be there. Oh yeah, it's good to be back with suggestions haha, Over and Out then!)

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I know this will sound crazy, but they could also not add hard counter shards/mods for the special enemies we already have in the game to make them pointless to have :P

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