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The Summit Massacre Survival

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Looking for advice for beating this map, currently, it is all I have left in terms of those I have yet to beat on survival.

I have no issue beating Glitterhelm's Cavern starting at wave 23 on hardcore and rifted; however, taking out over a billion health on a boss seems like a tall hill to climb.

Is there a particular pet or weapon I should be looking for? Any help is appreciated.

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Here is a screenshot of one side of my build. I used 2 fused electric and ensnare auras (seen on each side of the screen shot) with a 4 DU overclock beam between them. MY dps monk has a fused healing aura (in the center) to give me extra armor against the boss and the 1 DU reflect beams seen are to protect me from the fused orge's kobolds. I also put up a strength drain aura in the center just in case something hits the crystal during the boss fight (it is not fused). 

Behind me is a 3 DU reflect beam protecting a 6 DU overclock beam with 7 fused DS towers and 1 flamethrower (not fused, just to max out the DU's). Point the DS towers perpendicular to the center making sure there is enough DPS for each side of the map as well as targeting the boss once he reaches the middle. 

This works well for me and I am farming it now for the fused armor it drops. (My stats are around 7k power for my EV and around 5-6k power for my electric aura monk and fused DS tower apprentice.) 

During the boss fight keep the DS tower's buff with the monks tower buff beam, while at the same time DO NOT buff them when the boss has fired his homing missiles at you. They may hit those towers and you do not want to lose that DPS. At times during the fight you may have to focus on the dark elf warriors (as they drain you hero ability energy) and the copter orges as you do not want them to destroy any of the DS towers. 

Hope that helps!


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