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I have noticed a couple of bugs on the Xbox and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post them. I also posted these on #bug-report-dda room on Discord.


  • In inventory on the stats page, the highlighted stat is slightly increased, when moving to ‘reset stats’ button the outer border shifts slightly.
  • In inventory on the equipment menu if you have the helmet or chest plate selected then move down to select the gloves or boots the selection jumps to the accessories section.
  • In inventory, you press RT to move to stats but you cannot press LT to move back to Item Box, instead you have to use RT again. - not sure if that is intended.
  • In inventory when applying a filter it seems that keywords do not get applied or saved when confirming the search. The search checkboxes will apply but not keywords in the search box.
  • In the inventory when inspecting an item that is not equipped you are not able to press x to equip the item, instead you need to ‘press a’, then ‘a’ again to select equip. In the inspect screen it looks like you should be able to press ‘x’ to equip from there.
  • In inventory pressing the left stick to change, sort will reset the stats for the selected character - I think that this one was already documented.
  • In the inventory when inspecting an item then pressing ‘a’ to bring up the item menu you have to press ‘y’ twice to get the inspection screen to open again.
  • In the inventory on the equipment side, you are not able to access the bottom two accessories. - I think that this one was already documented.
  • Using a keyboard on the Xbox works but the key icons do not show up. Unless you know what key does what you need to hunt around until you find the right key.


  • On The Throne Room, the mobs from the side spawns seem to have a pathing issue they move back and forth like they don't know what path they should take.
  • No boss cinematics. - I think that this one was already documented.
  • When you back up to a wall the summoners mask accessory doesn't fully go away and blocks a large portion of the screen
  • On Endless Spires some mobs get stuck on the stairs coming from the bottom spawns, it happens on both sides.
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Thank you for this detailed feedback! We're sorry you've been running into these issues. We're working on fixes for many of these and are trying push out a hotfix or patch as soon as possible.

This space is OK to post bugs, but we read them here and on the Discord channel too.

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