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January 27th Hotfix

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We are deploying a hotfix patch to address some of the issues that have surfaced since our last patch. If you are experiencing bugs or have any feedback please post to our discord in the appropriate channels.

  • Implemented Siren casting animations for her aura channeling and activation.
  • Changed the Siren aura not to appear until the cast has completed.
  • Added jumping back to Monsterfest (Glitterhelm Challenge Map).
  • Build Timers are now only active if Hardcore is enabled.
  • Adjusted the DU & Build timers on the Promenade.
    • Increased DU to 125 from 110.
    • Increased Hardcore build timer on the first wave to 70s from 60s.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue on Insane, Nightmare, and Massacre cores are visually healed for clients when they aren't actually healed.
  • Fixed an issue with some bushes and other plant meshes are blocking defense placement on Royal Gardens.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur if you're dead when the map transitions into build phase that could cause you to not receive build phase mana.
  • Fixed an issue with trophies in the tavern not having their name and description when targeted.
  • Fixed an issue where targeting adjacent defenses for inspection, and other modifications, prioritized the most distant defense.
  • Fixed an issue after deleting a transmog loadout that would cause the gear shaped options button to disappear, requiring you to close and reopen the loadout list to delete a loadout.
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