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Ongoing Controller Issues/Suggestions

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Now Im sure the majority of DD1 players/PC gamers as a whole use a keyboard and mouse.

I've enjoyed many hours of Dungeon Defenders myself using a controller (back in the day on the Xbox 360), and more recently DD2 on the Xbox One, and now DDA and Redux, (having almost ditched console play completely within the last year!) Now with my new found joy of PC gaming, I love to sit back in my recliner in front of the TV  and also have a compact wireless keyboard close to hand so can still use some of the useful hotkeys on offer.

However, one frustrating issue, is that when firing a ranged type weapon using a controller, it has an auto-aim on by default, which is in itself not perfect, whereas using a mouse, you can point the crosshair while controlling the camera angle and shoot at almost anything you wish. Using a controller, the up/down movement from the right gimble stick is limited (unless in FPV - and even though this freely changes the camera angle, there is still auto-aim) 

I think having auto aim can be annoying at times when trying to shoot at wyverns or other specific things in the distance. Also, it makes completing The Temple of Love map in particular almost impossible, as there's no way to aim directly at the Cupid Bosses. (I do actually like auto aim most of the time, just not in situations like this)- Maybe there could be a toggle swich on/off alongside the Mele-Auto Step towards target option? or alternatively, just add a crosshair and fix it so that it directs weapon projectiles at thier intended target while in first-person view only.

Third Person View = Auto Aim On

First Person View = Auto Aim Off

And finally, I know it's not such a big deal, but perhaps the controller screen display U I can be updated to match that of the mouse/keyboard style, (the keyboard version has slightly smaller ability hot key and hero health/mana icons, and the active Hero Name and Score is on the bottom-right of the display and I think it does look better that way. 

Yeah.. I know I could simply avoid these issues by just playing with a Keyboard and Mouse... 

But, I'm sure there are some of us like myself who really appretiate the people and powers that do such wonderful work could maybe could now look into fixing these issues sometime in the near future..

Thank you! :) 


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