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Suggestion - New tower style for EV:A

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Hi All,


Not sure if this is viable suggestion, so please forgive me.
Just a suggestion


Ive noticed the meta seems to be combined with the use of the EV:A walls
I understand that they are straight to probably give players more options? 

However, the use of this tower in an an alternative style to the straight wall

A circle style or semicircle style too as an option. 
You place the tower and increase or decrease the radius of said tower.

Because lets not lie, we are all using this tower to encircle our towers :P 

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I was surprised a little when Chromatic went full on DD1 reboot on towers, when they really could have gone a little crazy given the data from DD2.

IMO the weapon manufacturer was sadly underused even in DD2, it was just made into a glorified aoe defence where it could have been really funky for the WM to generate buffs that any player could pick up. Like a quad damage or super armour pickup, the strategy for boss fights would have been far more interesting. The node idea was far superior to DD1 and should have been employed in DDA too, but that horse is long since bolted.

No-one uses squire towers at all now, not sure if rifted will make any difference seeing as the bonus is a blanket double damage modifer (correct me if I'm wrong) on damaging towers.

The game is crying out for something fun. Currently we have 4 builders, and 3 dps if you count EV, squire dps got nerfed.

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