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December 18th Hotfix

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We are deploying another small hotfix patch to address some of the issues that have surfaced recently. If you are experiencing bugs or have any feedback please post to our discord in the appropriate channels.

  • EV Blockade will now properly show Rift Armor.
  • When you transition in a game as a client with heroes on non-default transmog loadouts their transmog loadout selection is reset to default.
  • Fixed a crash related to goblin copters.
  • Fixed a focus issue in the inventory when you select an equipped item.
  • Fix for fast projectiles not having impacts on clients and fix for certain projectiles being able to sail off into infinity forever.
  • Fixed an issue when creating a game session with gamepad if the current focus is the wave selection slider you have to press A (gamepad button down) twice to finish the session creation.
  • Fixed an issue when swapping from a transmog loadout to the Default loadout, weapon color doesn't update.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to have multiple Fusion Towers on the same hero.
  • Defenses now rebind to players who leave and rejoin the same multiplayer session.
  • Goblin Mech boss no longer stops partway down lane.


  • Updated context bar to use the updated tooltip context bar
  • Updated context menu styling


Added a holiday surprise that will show up in the game soon :)

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