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Please reduce the amount of materials needed in order to upgrade C8 relics and gears

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 I don't want to play anymore because I feel like I've hit a wall and the game progress has stopped and doesn't feel rewarding like before.

I had to grind for 5 hours in order to gather enough materials to upgrade my C8 relic by one level ( it didn't affect my overall damage by much ). It means I have to grind for 25 hours if I want to max out just one C8 relic/gear! Please consider reducing the cost of upgrades and increasing the drop rate of C8 ampules.

P.S the community on DD2 is still more active than DDA and it's not fair to let the game go. Please come back and make some changes. Thanks.

DDA Community: https://steamcharts.com/app/1101190

DD2 Steam Community: https://steamcharts.com/app/236110
DD2 PlayStation 4 Community: https://gamstat.com/games/Dungeon_Defenders_II/
DD2 Xbox one Community: https://i.imgur.com/UAosTyT.png

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