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December 10th Hotfix

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We are deploying a small hotfix patch to address some of the issues that have come up since we pushed 1.2 live. If you are experiencing bugs or have any feedback please post to our discord in the appropriate channels.



  • Updated the icons for defenses to no longer show ability cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where Goblincopters would not fall when defeated.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons were not displaying their default visuals with default selected.
  • Fixed an issue where the base polearm was applying the Fire VFX to polearms improperly.
  • Fixed an issue where swords elemental attunement wasn't set to default.
  • Fixed a crash when a player was rejoining a session.
  • Fixed an issue with mana replication working improperly.
  • Fixed an issue where text chat alignment was not working properly.
  • Fixed Promenade vortex VFX visuals.
  • Fixed an issue where after you apply a change to a loadout the “Apply” button and “Undo” arrows stay activated like there are still outstanding changes.
  • Fixed an issue where color sliders persisted when you went from an item with color sliders to a costume that doesn't.
  • Fixed an issue in transmog, when selecting a piece (leaving it alone or modifying the colors) and hitting escape returns the focus to default appearance.


  • Added Pending Changes dialog when you exit and/or open loadouts in the transmog UI.
  • Updated visual styling and text for upgrade/repair status on tooltip to provide better feedback.
  • Removed camera toggle from HUD due to the action always being there (and listed in inputs).
  • Changed button styling.


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