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"I am a strong Defender because of the best Defender in this game" -Ke1jii ++++ (and the +going on)


Some time ago I was hunting some last trophys for my account and i was kinda "stuck" cause of long time not playing. Then one of my friend tould me he has found a lobby with a nice guy who's helping the lost (I was not THAAAAT lost but almost). I was asking him for help on Emerald City cause i was really stuck on that one, I couldnt find a build. So he tryed with me some builds and it sadly didnt works. But we keept playing some other maps and he showd me the stacking thing, builds and farming techniques. And ofc we farmed together.


In between times, we did again Emerald City and again and again  and improved our strategy everytime till it worked to get this LOVELY Goblin down. I was so happy, no, I AM still happy to know this player. We still got good times together. Whatever I evemtually win here I might give it as an gift to this wonderful person.

There you got a little story of my dd time. A big thanks to this wonderfull people like him who's carrying some of us. <3


Anyways there are some nice people arround here, but still, Ke1jii's the best. <3


Best Christmas wishes and much love to you all.BCF4ACDE814052821C0C57F501062F987C0FFF39





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