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[GIVEAWAY] Have you been nice this year?

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As it's become a tradition, we're going to have another 12 days of Christmas giveaway.

Here's how this one is going to work:

  • There will be 2 winners per day from December 13-25th. Winners and prizes will be posted daily and updated on the reply below
  • You can only win once, so if you win on Dec 13 you can't win any other day
  • You can only enter on one account, if you're caught trying to cheat you'll not get anything
  • Everyone will win something special, this does not make you unable to win a daily item

To participate just post a nice message to the DD community (posting literally those words will not count as an entry) and your steam profile.

Winners will have have to message me on my steam account or my discord Thales#0978 . I won't go out of my way looking for the winners

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Post for winners

Day 1 Winners:

Day 2 Winners:

Day 3 Winners:

Day 4 Winners:

Day 5 winners

Day 6 winners

Day 7 winners

Day 8 Winners

Day 9 Winners

Day 10 Winners

Day 11 Winners

Day 12 Winners

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I would have lost interest in this game a long time ago if it wasn't for the other people who play it. You all the best. 

Also, almost heaven west virginia blue ridge mountains shanendoah river life is old there older than the treeeeees younger than the mountains blowing like a breeze







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Happy holidays! this community has been a nice place to be during not so nice world events. wish you all a 2021 for the better! ty for being welcoming and friendly. wish you all the best! 


Steam Community :: Sesar64

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