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[ENDED] [WTA] Ultimate++ Plate Chestpiece, Range.

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Today I would like to auction an ultimate++ plate chestpiece.




I accept diamonds, cubes and coal in conventional ratios. 

Diamonds: 5,10,15.

Cubes and coals: 1:8.

Event items are accepted as well, depending on the item. Values will be approximated from recent sales and the price spreadsheet, linked in the DDRnG discord.

Bids posted on the thread in the last 12 hours of the auction, extend the auction for another 12 hours. 

The auction will end in 1 week, not accounting for last minute bids. (11/12/20)


If you wish to make a private offer, want me to document the offer on the thread for you or otherwise have any queries, feel free to reach out.

I can be found and messaged here on the forums and on the DDRnG discord. 


Thank you, have a nice day.





Event Price Sheet, (Bonny, 2020), https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WvvU13X6F7mtSrugcJvOUmar_oEi2eSQC_V-VWC1IYI/edit?usp=sharing

Ultimate++ Plate Chestpiece Screenshot, (Existence, 2020), https://imgur.com/a/gUvRhKr

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