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[Ended] [WTA] ++ Emerald staff

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Hey, so i got this emerald staff but i have no use for it so i'm auctionning it 


Current bid: Bryndomonium : 50cv

I'm accepting coal, cubes (up to 15) and dias (possibly events but ask me first if you're willing to bid one so i can tell you if i want it or not)

Auction will last 5 days, it will end on november the 2nd at midnight (UTC +1)  Edit: 24hours extended, so ending the 3rd at midnight same UTC

Every bid in the last 12hours of the auction will extend it by 24h

IC in case you're asking for it:  https://imgur.com/ke2qBlS

Action ended, the staff goes to Bryndomonium. 

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IC added
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