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ENDED [WTA] Lieutenant Sparkles

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Hello everyone,


Accepted currency:

Cubes up to 10
Diamonds 5/10/15

Final Patch - 250 cv
Pointy Hats - 110 cv
Celebracers - 100 cv
Rockshatter - 100 cv
Greater Magicite of Wind - 90 cv
Gaia's Last Gift - 80 cv
Glacier's Demise - 65 cv
Amplifiers - 50 cv
Salem - 30 cv

I accept duplicates of any events expect Gaia's and Salem.
For values of any other events or items you might want to offer Mr. Fox#7887.

Auction ends on the 1st of December, 23:59 UTC+1.
Bids within the last 24 hours will extend the auction by 24 hours.

I might not sell unless offer is satisfying.

Edited by Mr. Fox

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