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[WTA] Mr. Crackers

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Hello everyone, as the title says, i'm looking to auction my (traced) Mr. Crackers.

I'm mainly looking for Diamonds (5/10/15) and Cubes but I will also accept the following events:

- Gaia 80cv

- Ginger 125 CV

- Butterscotch/Lime Pie 125 CV

- Cinnamon 80 CV

- Pointy hats 120 CV

- Greater Magicite of Wind 90 CV

- Overload 65 CV

All the event items offered must have a complete trace.

The auction will end in 1 week, 30th of November at 22:00 UTC, if there are any offers in the last 24 hours of the auction, it will be extended for 12 hours more.

I reserve the right to not sell if i dont find the offer worth it.

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