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WTA KEKW honey spear x3

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Hey defenders :D

I wanna know how this kekw stuff can go reach on price.

If nobody bids those of stuffs below , I would raffle it :classic_wink:

Auction ends in 22/11/2020 24pm UST.

I accept following Event items for  insta buyout.

Armguard of Earth / Fire / Smog .

Diamonds are 5/10/15 ( dmg needs to cap at least) , No freaking coals please.

*I will ask IC till auction ends.

*There is no hidden reserve , so you could buy it very low price if nobody bids it. Im not following any benefits from them. Just curious how those spear could go with there prices, Happy Bidding :classic_love:







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Could you up them in open and post their upped images? I want to see how high they go in damage, but I don't know how to math honey spears. :sweatgoba:

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