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WTA Plate Vest 86x DMG or 85X range

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Hello All, First auction in a long time!

Finally decided to part ways with this beauty, Reserve the right to not sell if I don't like the offers. 

Runs until November 26th 2PM AKDT (6PM EST) Any Bids extend by 12 hours to prevent snipes.

Looking for Diamonds, cubes up to 15, coal up to 5CV at 8:1 and Events I Accept with Trace of course:

RM 200 

FP Buyout

Mr. Crackers 90

Celebracers 100

Pointy Hats 100

Gaias 85

Magicite 90 

Waterfall 50

Ginger 120

Cinnamon 85

Any other Events pricing DM on DDRNG Discord Moln8R#0788 or Steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/childe_skill/ 







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Auction Closed Winner Ace. P  contact me. 

This is Childe, Had to use my Alt Acct cause Forums are pee. 

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