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Fashion Defenders!! [CONTEST] - (ENDED) 11/11

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[EDIT] This contest has now ENDED!


Trace sheet with PRIZES: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13gpfVOzGS6hIsdrtz3F7D2Ey7dfNshQpmd_2z46wa2Q

See the winning entries: https://www.quarplet.com/fashioncontest/


Hi everyone!!  Time for another contest (:

This time around, your goal is to show off your character looking cool!

Here are the rules:

 ・ You can post ONE screen shot.
 ・ Your screen shot should have ONE character in it.
 ・ You can be on any map, EXCEPT the tavern.
 ・ You can use any video settings you want.
 ・ You can use any items you want, including items from Open Mode.
 ・ Screen shots should NOT include character / player names.
 ・ Entries must be posted before NOVEMBER 11, 16:00 UTC (that's 8am here in California).


 ・ You must include a link to your Steam profile when you enter.
 ・ One entry per person, please.

Once the deadline has passed, I'll make an album containing all the images (without names!) to a panel of judges, who will try their best to pick the winners fairly.  Once the winners are decided, they will be posted in a new thread.

The prize pool will be announced AFTER the contest is finished.  Right now the prize pool is fairly small, but if enough people enter I will add more prizes.

NOTE: You may want to host images on an external site like imgur in case you want to update your submission before the contest ends.  You can upload your image to the forum if you like, but the forum software may not allow you to update the image after it's posted.

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Ooh! I have some great tips to share with you in order to maximize your glamor shot!

  • Before launching the game, be sure to apply the texture fix .ini! If you're not familiar with what that is, check the pinned posts in #general in the DDRNG Discord. 
  • Also before launching the game, click 'Configure' and make sure your graphic settings are set to 'High'.
  • Press 'H' to hide the HUD.
  • Turn your camera field of view all the way down. This brings your character into perfect frame. You can use the scroll wheel to zoom out a bit, especially if you have a larger weapon.

Here's how mine turned out!


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My Summoner has come from the Crystalline Dimension to set this world on fire.




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Hey there Defenders:classic_happy:

I've been waiting this contest for a long time and here it comes out finally ! Thanks for the whimsy plane:classic_biggrin:

I've thought a while and chosen My Ev instead of my Fake Muffin ...:classic_dry: Since if I choose her I will 100percent win :D

Wish you guys enjoy this Nicely contest and win something very special :classic_ninja:

Best wish and lov you Plane chan:classic_love:



Contest .png

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