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WTA++ Chain boots 51x ups

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I will be auctioning these boots until Oct 31, 11:59pm PDT

Bids in last 12 hours will extend bidding time by 24 hours

I reserve the rights to not sell the piece if price does not satisfy me

Accepting up to 10 cubes, 5cv worth of coal 1:8, and events.

  • Black Magick - 30cv
  • Celebracers  - 160cv
  • Final Patch - 450cv
  • Gaia's last gift - 70cv
  • Greater magitite of wind - 150cv
  • Lumen - 35cv
  • Mr. Crackers - 100cv
  • NPC - 100cv
  • Rainmaker - 250cv
  • Salem - 25cv
  • Waterfall - 45cv
  • I am also accepting other events that are not listed here. Traced, of course. 

My Discord is Cliffhanger#1617 message me for any questions 

Steam: edmundleung12309 (also DD1 name)


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