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Exclusive Events Items and You

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This thread has been made to shed some light on exclusive event items. You can look at them on this thread. They are Alpha, Gamma, Something Pink, Butterscotch and Pole of the North Star. They were made with the intention of having people do testing for the new update betas that were going on at the time and were made exclusive to reward people who went through the effort of downloading the update and testing the new maps out to look for bugs and give feedback. Originally we thought that they may end up being released to the general public after some time, making them timed exclusives. When a bunch of time passed though, we never ended up releasing them as they are since that would remove the specialty of the prize and make people feel like they placed in the extra effort and instead of just waiting it out.

After having a lot of conversation about the topic between the Event Team, we decided on giving them out again but with a twist. The reasoning on that is having a lot of players that started playing way after the deadlines to be able to get the items and some of those items being better than what you can get in game by normal means. To avoid removing the value of the old rewards, we'll be starting to give out RECOLORS of those 5 items, where all the stats are the same but their looks, names, descriptions and forgers are changed. We hope this will make everyone happy, since you'll now be able to get the "exclusive" items while having the old ones stay true to their intention.

Here's the look of the items. I won't be posting their descriptions or forgers in here, but you can see the looks and names. From left to right:
Lieutenant Sparkles (Alpha), Golden Shroom (Gamma), Something Red (Something Pink), Lime Pie (Butterscotch) and Pole of the South Star (Pole of the North Star)

There are also 3 more exclusive items: Greater Magicite of Christmas, Greater Magicite of Water and Grinch's Hat. These items were rewards for special forum giveaways and will be staying exclusive to such giveaways. They may or may not return in the future.

Regarding the 3 other forum events: Final Patch, Elf Party Hat and Mr. Crackers. The two of them that were considered exclusives will be now given out the same way as other event items. They were exclusive to people who joined the giveaways, but since enough time has passed that exclusivity has been lifted.

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