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News on the future of DD2 (Now a recap thread on upcoming news)

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It's that time again - CG has teased another tower! And by the looks of it, this new hero might be more than just a beast keeper/master...

Also, looks like CG is going to put more teasers everyday for this week until this upcoming Friday Funday stream where they might possibly and finally unveil the new hero! (It was mentioned on the last Friday Funday stream for those who are curious.)


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And we have our final tower reveal! With the cannon being the very odd one out, I'm beginning to suspect that it is some sort of anchor now....


As for tomorrow's stream, I'll definitely be covering that for those who doesn't watch the stream!

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Whew! I apologize for the lateness but here's a pseudo-recap of the recent dev stream! 

General stuffs - 

1. Once the update rolls out, Axes can now roll light or Heavy too instead of being fixed to medium!

2. Ice Chip mod in Drakenfrost Weapons will no longer be locked mods so you can now tinker them to other weapons.

3. Orc Blockades now deals area effect damage.

4. New Pets! There are several but two new pets has been showcased on stream - A Dino pet (found in the lost dungeon), its ability resets ability cooldown. And a Haunted Ship pet, it's ability fires a giant tidal wave that deals 3000% weapon damage as water damage and drenching enemies too. Some pets can be purchasable through the colonel's pet shop.

5. New flair sets - The Tundraken set, based on the Drakin Skeleton, the frost drakin.

6. The halloween tavern/hub is back, there might be something to do with trick-or-treating there... Also the season's timing will be more thematic, meaning there won't be a repeat of having the christmas hub going all the way to march (or the entire 2020 for that matter haha)

8. SEVEN new costumes. They will be following two themes : The Undead theme - Cursed Lord of the Desert (Abyss Lord), Zombiemancer (Lavamancer), & Forbidden Magic Apprentice (Day of the Dead/Voodoo themed Apprentice) and Gods & Lords theme - The Snake God's Vesment? (Mayan-themed Mystic), Bone Dragon's Battle Gear (Dryad), & Firelord (Adept). The costumes can be bought individually (800 gems each) or in two themed bundles (2,200 gems each). And a new costumes for the upcoming new hero too!

9. The Flameburst Tower is back! That will replace the Flamethrower tower for Adept's tower kit to make the gender-swap heroes stand out more. There will also be a shard that have the projectiles gain more damage the further it travels.

New Hero - The Mercenary! - 

An elite elven soldier turned rogue who has travelled around the lands making contracts with like-minded individuals gaining interesting arsenals. Dual wields daggers. And Double Jumps too!

Primary Attack - Melee attacks similar to the Barbarian. There will be a weapon shard called Backstab that lets the Mercenary deal increase damage to enemies when attacked from behind (with primary attacks).

Secondary Attack - Sweep: similar to Barbarian's Leap. There will be a boot shard called Binding Roots that lets you root/stun enemies when they are affect by Sweep.

Ability Resource - Blue Ability Mana.

 First Ability - Phantom Belt: shoots out daggers all around the Mercenary himself. Uses 30 Blue mana.

Second Ability - Dagger Throw: Throw a line of dagger that deals poison damage over time. Also pierces. Uses 50 Blue mana. There will be a glove shard called explosive blades that changes the daggers from piercing to attaching on enemies and eventually detonating like a grenade attack.

Third Ability - Combat Preparation: increased movement speed and damage for a time. Uses 100 Blue mana.

Fourth Ability - Sweeping Strikes: do a mid-range fly through enemies dealing massive damage. Uses 150 Blue mana. Also procs the Binding Roots shard (I think)

First Tower - Royal Guard Blockade: Orcs from a secret orc society. Uses 30 Green mana/DU. They will also be a shard called Earthen Guard that lets the Orc to have a chance to unleash a very long range earth fissure with their shields dealing earth damage. 

Second Tower - Nether Spider Spawner: A crystal that spawns spiders that charges to enemies and detonates, dealing physical damage. Very similar to Dryad Slime Pit or The Warden's Shroomies from DDA. Counts as Trap. Uses 40 Green mana/DU. There will be a shard called Icy Spiders that lets the spiders have a chance to spawn a pool of ice that slows enemies down when they detonate.

Third Tower - Nether Archers: Projectiles will bounces/ricochets off enemies twice. Uses 50 Green mana/DU. There will be a shard called Ghost Arrows that allow the archers projectiles to bounce up to an additional four enemies.

Fourth Tower - Elvish Artillery Cannon: Fires a giant ball of energy that deals large AoE storm damage. A defense from his elven soldiering days. Uses 60 Green Mana/DU

There's also a Unique Hero Passive - Predatory Instinct: Gives the Mercenary 50% Tenancy (Or is it Tenacity?) and passive Healing. For those who are wondering about why the Mercenary doesn't have a healing ability.

There will be more new shards and even mods for the Mercenary. And CG also plans to post a trailer and a detailed post around next week. 

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