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Where's DD3 News

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Hello Lawta and Chromatic Team,

     I remember a little while back there were talk of DD3, but all talk has gone silent.

Is that still in the works? Or has that been put in the dead file? I ask because many of

us that used to love DD and never wanted to play DD2 has grown to adore DD2. I didn't want

to go backward, but forward in the style of change it has achieved. I would readily jump on the 

funding Kickstarter, and would readily buy the game. I know hoping is premature, but hope is hope, right?

If I can look forward in the evolution of my favorite Heroes in future upcoming games from Chromatic please 

let me know. I've been loyal since the beginning and have no plans to stop anytime soon. 

  Thanks Team

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Hi jumble have you finished floor 999 ? You seem bored ? Then do what I do make a new account and start from scratch and don’t cheat carry then you will see then when you climbed up again then do what I do make a pc account from scratch again and then when you climb again then do what I do again make a new account from Xbox then so on every time you start new it’s like why do I do this to myself but before you have an answer you will be just continue playing dd without reason. Do this I think this well help you sleep better at night same as I do. Don’t give up playing dd like other players out here who lost interest come catch up with me I’m on Xbox now I have finished ps4, pc, then pc, I’m on Xbox atm

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