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Plans to fix the numerous simple bugs?

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So I enjoyed this game and have played it a lot (260+ hours) but I'm starting to reach a breaking point with how many annoying bugs there are that have been in forever that make the game so unenjoyable. The worst part is they definitely know about them and they're such small simple bugs that would take no time at all to fix. It just seems no one cares. And with how many there are, even though individually they're small, they compound to something extremely annoying and imo gamebreaking.

I'm talking about bugs like on Summit where the Siren gets stuck in one lane and makes the entire lane permanently resistant to an element making an already awful rng mechanic significantly worse. Or also on Summit, the enemies on the side lanes just randomly running up the side straight to the cores instead of following the path that is intended for them. You could try to argue this is intended but it clearly isn't as the path marker doesn't show it. I'd rather have less DU and have the map actually work right than have to account for it. Then there's archers and mages aggroing the core halfway across the map as soon as they get line of sight making EV reflects a necessity on some maps. And then the classic bug of Ogres walking over barricades. Bugs like this just ruin the game when there are so many of them.

Instead of losing a map because I don't have the stats or my build was just bad, I'll just lose because I didn't account for some random bug that shouldn't even exist. It's annoying to lose when my build would work if the game actually worked correctly. I say it's gamebreaking because it removes a lot of the fun of strategically planning a build or learning what you did wrong. The main issues are figuring out what specific ways you need to place towers to work around the bugs. It also limits build variety because there's just certain things that should work on paper but don't actually because of the bugs.

Are there any plans to actually fix any of this? They've been in the game for so long and are such simple fixes that it seems like they're taking the lazy way out and just leaving them in as intended "challenges". It's disheartening and I'm starting to feel like I should just quit while I'm ahead

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Hey at least they fixed some obscure matchmaking issues after 2 weeks of nothing today


/s in case it wasn't obvious

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just kill the siren at the core...or at her stucked place, from the safe place  :)  behind the wooden thing or whatever it calls in english^^ sry not my native language...

also the additional upper path from the sidelanes..no idea if intended or not..but however, its manageable imho ;)


4 me much more annoying..things like missing health of defences wont shown up quite often...missing health of defences behind a reflect beam wont shown a single time...repairing a defences behind or close to a reflect beam...fucks me really up^^

or why we have no mini-map like in dd2 ? without its just annoying as hell..especially if a player pings^^  sometimes i think...did the devs actually play their own game? ;)

QoL stuff this game is really missing imho....and a little little little bit of better droprates  ^^



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