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Weekly text updates on features and progress

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I don't like twitch, and other than to talk in voice with friends, I don't care for discord.

We have been asking for more communication for a while now, and nothing has been done. I don't expect you guys to change, or care, as the only time we can see you pop up in the forums is to explain weird/undocumented mechanics.

I would like to have a weekly post going over what is going on with development, be it a status on the next patch, whether or not some bugs are going to get fixed soon, or anything concrete. Bug fix info would be great, it's been two weeks since the last patch, you're not gonna make me believe that having a dev branch for bugfixing that could get merged and pushed on a semi-regular basis is too hard, or impossible.

You already do the weekly streams on twitch, how hard can it be to take 10 minutes to write a short summary and post it on the forums?


This is mostly a rambling rant, so feel free to ignore it like you seem to do with a lot of things.

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