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Since the latest patch when I host a game nobody is joining me. I can join others and I can invite friend and then host a game which will then allow other random people to join that game. It's just when I host alone nobody will join. It's super annoying. 

I'm not marked as a hacker and my internet is super fast. I've reset my router and checked my firewall but  everything is how it's always been, the recommended settings. 

I've search Google and this issue has happened before with a dungeon defenders patch and there are no answers regarding what it could be. 

I have 900 hours clocked and like I said never had an issue before. 

Any ideas what it could be ? 

If I invite a friend to my tavern and start a public game, the game fills up straight away so obviously it's something to do with my computer when I am hosting alone.  My game is always updated to the most recent patch. 

Really would appreciate any advice? 


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