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Upgrading armor?

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Do you guys recommend upgrading armor midgame? What I mean by that is spending gold to upgrade certain powers such as vitality or def. rate. My playstyle so far has been to not upgrade armour becuase you can usually find better armour in midgame. The reason I’m asking this is because I am doing a nightmare campaign and I’m stuck on alch labs / ancient mines nightmare survival, purely because of the lack of damage and a little bit on def.rate. I have tried multiple solid set-ups but nothing works. Does anyone have advice?

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I upgrade armors half-way when I find an upgrade, based on what I "feel" I need. You shouldn't try to hammer your head into the wall until it breaks, you wont have fun. 

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Hi man that was my stragety too and it is working really nice until Nightmare. 

Once you complete Ancient mines, lava mines and struggle on alchemy lab. There are multiple things you can do:

1. Get a second squire put all points to his attack and get some vitality from items and farm a steam robot or monkey king. With correct block strategy you can finish all bosses except summit.


You do few runs of Alchemy lab without boss - I suppose this is where you are stuck. Do it on HC to get some good drops. Once you get good drops go back to Ancient mines.

Now the trick - your target is wave 14 survival on ancient mines where the rock drops. In this point when you are stuck on some point you have to maximally upgrade your gear. Once you get a decent rocks for your builders it should be much much easier for you.

So there are several things you need to do and know. 

First use correct DPS character with boss weapon - it can be monk or huntress. You should have decent weapon from insane HC or use boost monk with insane gemstone form summit.

Secondly use correct PET - you should have a genie from ramparts or good cat from insane alche lab.

Third thing and this is usually the problem is what are your builder stats and what build do you use?  This was quite not hard to do even before EV2 now with EV its easy.

Hope this helps.

Good luck



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