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Searching for a Weapon Guide

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Hi Guys,

is there a place where i can find informations about the new Massacre Survival (Godly) Weapons.

Someone tell me yesterday that there are some special weapons in maps, in the case yesterday there was two Weapons in Throne Room MM Survival one for Monk and one for Squire, but no one can told me what the name of the "special" weapons is.

Would be nice to have an overview for all classes with farm spots?


Thx alot :)

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Weapons are not dropping for me when I do the bosses on wave 25 in nightmare hardcore. I only get the pets...

Are the weapons only dropping in Massacre?? 


Demon Lord
Huntress: Demon Horns
Apprentice: Ragnarok
Squire: Demon Carver
Monk: Furnace Poker
Survival Pets: Griffon, Mista Mine, Steam Bot, Propeller Cat, Paddleball

Goblin Mech
Huntress: Protean Blaster
Apprentice: Protean Caster
Squire: Protean Slicer
Monk: Protean Partisan
Survival Pets: Little Wizard, Etherian, Genie, Yellow Ramster, Monkey King, Obsidian

Huntress: Draconic Spitfire
Apprentice: Crystalline Focuser
Squire: Dragontemper
Monk: Draketooth
Survival Pets: Ramster, Fairy, Hand, Dragon, Mega Chicken, Lil' Bomber, Speedy/Powerful/Striking/Sturdy Gemtones

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