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September 2 Hotfix

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Nightmare and Massacre

  • The enemy caps for Special enemies were higher than intended in one, two, and three player games.
    • Ogres, Sharken, Djinn, Copters, and Sirens were higher than intended in one, two, and three player games and have since been reduced (that means they should be easier).


  • Reduced the amount the Squire’s health scaled in Nightmare and Massacre.
  • Adjusted the Slice N Dice Blockade so that it attacks at the correct max speed (0.2s) and also damages enemies sooner.
  • Reduced the weapon damage scaling of Squire Massacre special weapons dropped from the Goblin Mech and the Ancient Dragon.
    • This was causing the Squire to one shot a lot of enemies. We enjoy the DPS Squire gameplay and will continue to investigate ways to keep it viable.
  • Removed Mana Drain each time a player is hit while Blocking.
    • We want to make Block a more engaging and risk/reward ability in the future, but for the time being, block away!

Series EV-A

  • Drastically increased Series EV-A’s hero damage scalar.
    • We’re going to continue monitoring her performance, but this is a step towards making her feel better to DPS with.

Goblin Copters

  • Goblin Copters no longer spawn on Wave 1 for Ancient Mines, Lava Mines, Magus Quarters, Throne Room, Royal Gardens, Ramparts, and Glitterhelm.
  • Goblin Copters have been removed from Nightmare Campaign and Survival Ancient Mines.
    • This is to maintain that one new nightmare enemy is introduced per map.
  • Goblin Copters now only spawn from one lane on both Tornado Valley and Tornado Highlands.
  • Decreased the number of Goblin Copters that can spawn on single player sessions at any given time from 5 -> 2.


  • Pet Abilities now have their values displayed as a Primary Stat for improved visibility
    • Mega Chicken
      • Updated the melee attack and ranged attack ranges to match similar pets.
  • Gemstone
    • Made it so they are always provided a default stat.
      • May still not be upgradeable depending on the roll, but makes it so that minimum rolled pets are still useful.


  • Gargoyles
    • Added Gargoyles to prevent players from getting into melee positions against the Ancient Dragon that avoided all damage. Buncha sneaky sneaks!


  • Fixed an issue where binding actions to the arrow keys were not functioning properly.
  • Fixed an issue with some enemy spawn issues on Glitterhelm.
  • Fixed an issue with the HUD disappearing when a player respawned as a client.
  • Fixed an issue where Strength Drain Aura could affect bosses.
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Corgi pets appearing for clients in unintended ways.
  • Adjusted Wyvern bounding settings to function properly now.
  • Fixed an issue with Level Range and Upgrade Range within Auto Loot not working properly for clients.
  • Fixed an issue where high quality pets could not be upgraded.
  • Fixed an issue where some DPS calculations for defenses were slightly incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where traps were not taking external Defense Rate buffs.
  • Fixed an issue where Djinns could buff one another.
  • Achievement “Unstoppable Defender” should now be attainable.
  • Removed the Yellow Ramster ability from some streamer pets.
  • Fixed an issue where EV Tactical Map icons were not showing up properly or removed when destroyed.
  • Updated the primary and secondary default binds for defense adjustment.
  • Fixed an issue with the Hero Scene in the inventory for clients not functioning properly.
  • Fixed a bug where item powers were not properly comparing item tooltips.
  • Fixed a spelling error on the Magic Missile Tower.
  • Fixed an issue where Defense Rate wasn’t taking into account external buffs.
  • Fixed the Defense Rate and DPS of the Deadly Strike Tower to take into account the wind-up animation.
  • Optimized the Torch VFX in various maps.
  • Added a temporary fix for clients using Sell All.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging your mouse too quickly to spin a Hero during Hero Creation could cause all UIs to be non-interactable.
  • Fixed tooltip context actions from bleeding over the edges.
  • Fixed an issue where tooltip context actions were improperly displayed as disabled while looking at items in-world.
  • Fixed an issue where flying enemies were not moving on Tornado Valley
  • Fixed an issue where mana spent notification didn’t match the actual upgrade price of a defense.
  • Fixed an issue where percentage comparisons were displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where Siren health bars were not displaying above her head.
  • Shock Beam duration has been clarified as “stun duration” on the Defense Tooltip


Known Issues:

  • There’s an issue where Shadows are causing massive FPS loss on even the best hardware out there that we are investigating. Recommended you change the shadows setting to low for the time being while in your Tavern. Changing the setting while in gameplay may cause an unwanted crash.
  • Weapon stat difference comparing for projectile speed and charge rate are off by 100 times.
    • Projectile speed is 100x lower.
    • Charge rate is 100x higher.

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For Etheria!
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