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I supported DDA through kickstarter and I haven't played on steam because I'm waiting for Playstation.  I was able to name special Items and design a mask (accessory).  Is anyone willing to make some videos of the items?  My sister was in a car accident and died last summer, so I named the armor piece after her called "Amy's Courage." I'm not sure If it is available yet, but I was interested in showing the armor to my family.  I think It is farmable.  You can contact me through Instagram too.  my handle is the same as playstation and here.  Djbon3saterp.  Is anyone willing to make videos of "Amy's Courage"  or of the Mask I designed?  It looks like a vulture head.  And the Special boss and special weapon?   Her picture is in the Tavern on the left of the Dragon head mounted on the wall.  I think it's in Glitterhelm too but I wanted to see if someone could make videos for me.  I'm not sure how to repay you for the kindness.  Lmk if you're able to or not and reach out to me on Playstation, IG, or facebook. Daniel Wayne Conway Dickson is my name there.  the special Boss name is "Bavmorda Skunklemite," and the special weapon is "Irridescent Smaugessence."  I can show a picture of the mask and my sister from the tavern in comments below I think.  Thank you so much if anyone is willing to do this 

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And the mask looks like that.  That’s her picture. Can anyone make a video of her picture and a video of her picture in glitterhelm?  I’m not sure where it is there yet. And “Amy’s Courage” The armor piece. Thank you 








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