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ENDED WTA ++ 830x TB Chest, 88x App Helm + More

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This Auction will end Sunday Aug 9th 10pm BST
Bids in the last 12 hours extend the auction 12 hours

Currency Accepted

  • Coal up to 10cv
  • Cubes up to 20
  • Diamonds 5/10/15 must cap damage to count as cap
  • Final Patch - 400 cv
  • Butterscotch - 250 cv
  • Pointy Hats - 100 cv
  • Celebracers - 100 cv

Events must be trace (events traced to kilted will not be accepted
I reserve the right not to sell if I am not happy with the final bid

Current High Bid
A. Winner Sesar
 - 200cv
B. Winner Garou - 200cv
C, Winner Disney - 100cv
D.  Winner MrRandomGuy - 20cv

83x Leather T boost Chest

88x Tower Damage Leather Helm

76x Tower Damage Mail Gloves

81x Tower Damage Leather Chest

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