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[CONTEST] Design the Next Event Item

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The concept is a teenage mutant ninja turtles themed event turtle on a treadmill. Tower stats are for a “turtle” build.



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The deadline for submitting your items will be September 16

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https://gyazo.com/ea494453c193f70947f89bf343698518 https://gyazo.com/1bd4f961efff6d3c082cdb4fb81445dc https://gyazo.com/828a5b983e84aa785b8754cf77d256f9 https://gyazo.com/35a1f9ee11962413d1fa8b4e4d49d092 https://gyazo.com/d53bd4866e78461bc1efdf798bb42ec4 https://gyazo.com/90fb3cb63d51a3a00cfef3ce6aaeaab4 kinda did these Day 1 and couldnt think of anything better, also bald and dont know a better way to show the pictures without caring to spend more time to so gyazo works i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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This is a reference to Curious George. It's a DPS and builder pet. There's a large trade off in either direction, but I see it to be pretty situational and fun to mess around with outside of the situations. The small size makes the monkey not get in the way when fighting things, like other normal-sized monkeys do.

Stats (other than tower stats) are related to facts about Curious George

Using Monk stats with hero boost at 5,000 Hdmg and 3,966 AB2:
DPS on the Tavern dummy is 11,197,000. Each shot is 7,464,667, but the monkey has a choke point in the shooting animation that has a forced pause. The shots per second stat just makes the monkey eat/reload faster.






Edited by Bonjourno
Corrected AB2 stat for the DPS output
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Name: "Uncanny Eldritch Arm"
Description: "The hand quivers as if it were alive"
Forged by:  Great One (was suppose to be purple idk why it turned out black)
Mana Value: 66,000
Level: 10 / 10
Rarity: Ultimate 
Draw Scale: Default

Primary color is just (0,0,0)

Secondary color is (0, 15, 40)

Reference is to the Amygdalan Arm from Bloodborne https://bloodborne.wiki.fextralife.com/Amygdalan+Arm


(also thank you Bonjourno for helping me out)

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Here is the item i made.




Name: <color:255,150,15>Blessed Brownie

Forgername: <color:0,145,250>Meshak

Item's primarycolor: 10 1 0.2

Item's secondarycolor: 2 0.2 0.1

I tried a lot of red and blue color brightenesses and i ended up with this one. It looks great in item box and on ground/players. As the rock is found in the volcano map, I made this one looks like a volcanic stone. The glowy red eyes looks like lava.

For the description i have 2 idea i like: 1: It's overloading you with his power?!
                                                                  2: You are now over encumbered

Ups are 60/60 because Cursed Brownie is having 1/60.

Imo, the pet is balanced. It will never be used on builders. I see it mostly as a fun stat pet. It can be fun to see some players using it for a few extra damage stats but being insanely slow (especially with SL skins). And also seing them dying sometimes because they can't dogde anything,... Or just using Blessed Brownie as a nice tavern decoration.

It can be a very fun pet to use.


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Right. I'm still going to post my idea because I used much time to make this artwork and learn about the pet's stats too and so I think it will be appreciated for an amateur in digital art, plus coming back to the game after 7 years to learn everything about it makes it a good experience for me as I join such contest for the first time.

*takes a breath* :gobmas:


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I accidentally posted my unfinished message. 

Here are the stats of the Propeller Cat that I chose for the contest.

Now to the main idea of my artwork, is that I really liked an animal pet to have a leopard color pattern. But after talking to a couple mods and friends, I was informed that it is not possible to make this skin in the game. Not only that, it wouldn't likely be chosen again to win because there are already 2 propeller cats from previous events. So I've thought about a few alternatives that if I still have time, I will post them. I just thought since I didn't really participate in any previous events, I wanted to share something pure that I instantly felt inspired by and so I share my idea with you.

I made this artwork for the first time about a video game in general using Paint 3D. I didn't think that it would turn out so great and it made me even more excited to share this. 

Hope you will like this. As for the size and how much shinny it is, it's a big propeller cat that glows golden lights.

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This is so sad:(
Sophie and her Dad Andreas
Their level reflecting their age and how old they will be. Was thinking it could be made impossible to up. If not, Then 16/16 and 67/67 for their age.

I would interpret it as the dad trying hes hardest while the kid doesnt see her dad, but compare herself to others, even though shes better than all the ++´s :(



Didnt have much time left, so the stats are abit too op maybe, but can be shifted easilySophie.PNG.74eeac75280ac928f5c82cc21e1b11e3.PNG


Ofc the dad sees her as 2B




Edited by Broholm
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Here's my entry.

Item:                      Bracers of Annatar
Event Name:         Amplifiers
Item Quality:        Ultimate93
Required lvl:        100
Forged by:            [Gradient, see raw string below] Chronozia
Description:          [See color below] Reaching out to embrace whatever may come
Mana value:          180814
Stats:                     HeroHealth: 25        HeroSpeed: 150   CastRate: 150             Ability2:         25
                               TowerHealth: 215   TowerRate: 190    TowerDamage: 190   TowerRange: 415
Upgrades:             107/7

Design:                  This is a pair of range bracers, suitable on a range monk or gasser huntress. With the more recent surge
                               of people rebuilding (or building another) their monks to be range focused, I wanted to make an accessory
                               that can be used with the new meta.
                               Additionally, this item is a tribute to the game from me personally. It's designed with elements that I've
                               found interesting about the game or simply have just liked about it, hence the model, quality and appearance
                               of it.

Raw strings
Forge name: <color:0,177,255>C<color:12,181,253>h<color:30,186,252>r<color:50,192,250>o<color:73,198,247>n<color:97,206,244>o<color:120,212,242>z<color:140,218,239>i<color:158,224,237>a
Description: <color:180,210,255>Reaching out to embrace whatever may come





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So after quite a bit of procrastination I finished up my submissions so here they are! They all have a red theme and were designed with the idea that they could be given out as a set.

Also, all of these items have a hidden 222 in them to make them somewhat connected. For example, every item has -200 range so each first number of that stat is 2 so there is a 222.

Item 1: Feathers of the Sky


The defender's headdress is one of my favorite accessories in the game because I absolutely love how they look. This item was inspired a bit by the war bonnet.

The mana value 246,000 is a reference to the altitude at where space begins and where you can find the beautiful stars that gifted this item into Etheria.

There is obviously a 222 as the Thp, Trate and Tdmg but there is also a more hidden one if you add all of the stats up (856) and divide it by the upgrades (385) you will get 2.22!

Forger is "<color:180,250,200>The Stars" and the description should also be this color

Primary Color: 0,0,0

Secondary Color: 80,-50,-50

Ups: 385/385

Use Level: 100


Item 2: Sea of Flames


The Cumulus bracers are another one of my favorite accessories in the game but they sadly are a generic which means you cannot farm ones that are as good as the non-generics.

This item just has it's 222 shown as the max amount of upgrades.

Also if you add up all the stats + the current upgrades (9) it will equal 999 so the same as the mana value.

Forger: <color:90,150,255>The Tempest

Description: <color:255,160,10>A misused water shield.

Primary Color: 15, 0.4, 0.3

Secondary Color: 8, 0.6, 0.3

Ups: 9/222

Use Level: 100


Item 3: Solar Fragment:


I am a huge fan of weapons and items that give move speed and I thought that adding an upgrader accessory would be a great opportunity here. Although the item is meant for an upgrade jester, it can also secondarily be used on a dps hero if you are willing to lose some stats for higher move speed. This would hopefully help alleviate the demand a little bit over the exclusive final patch on top of being a pretty cool item (in my humble opinion).

If you just hover over the item in your box the upgrades show as 2/2 which makes another 222 with the 2.0 B mana value.

Forger: <color:240,75,50>The Sun

Description: <color:255,0,0>You thought that was the end? (This is a reference/response to the Final Patches' description of "The patch to end all patches?!")

Primary Color: 0, 0, 0 (I believe setting it to a negative would fix the specs on the black skull)

Secondary Color: 80, 0, 0

Ups: 2/2

Use Level: 100

Here are some photos of the three items when equipped:





Edited by Deskdogs
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I hope these idea's are possible. i might have went a bit off book. 

I tried to do the whole dddk thing. but got scared from all the setup. sometimes it looks like you need to learn to code to play this game XD



Manatee Geni pet that due to it's tea pot origins and intense gravitational pull (it's BIGG). attracts dropped mana from great distances.

Item:                        Genie pet
Event Name:          Mana Tea
Raised By:              Tea pot
Description:           The other geni's call him manatee, due to his size
Mana value:           200.000.000 (200M)

Pet Stats;              Mana collection rate 10000 (10k)         

Stats:                      HeroHealth:   200    HeroSpeed:       200    HeroDamage:    200    CastRate:          200    
                               Ability1:          200    Ability2:             200    TowerHealth:     200   TowerDamage:  200   
Upgrades:              590/590 (weight of manatee can be 590kg)

Concept:                A geni pet, with generally low stats.Gray color (127,127,127) glows.  However the genie pet increases the range at which your character attracts mana crystals (droped from enemy kills) by a factor of 3-5 (would have to test what range feels right/ is not to OP) The idea behind it is, that when this geni got "created" (how do geni's enter this world?) something went wrong/different. Hence the weird effect. The idea is this geni came from a tea pot instead of a lamp. and id also make the geni glowy and quite large. The name, Mana Tea because of the geni's origins, but also because it sounds a bit like manatee. And the geni should be quite large/fat like a manatee. If possible it would be great if you could rotate the geni from vertical to horizontal position. so it even looks more like a manatee see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manatee

Balance:                 Balance wise i don't think it would be to OP since it's low stats (especially compared to the geni's that drop nowadays). It would be more for the fun effect (of attracting mana from great distance, although that might be useful for an armor farm repair summoner when combined with an imp. it shoulden't be that much better than a djinlet for that purpose) 



Gaurdian EV pet. that boosts with all the guardian's boosts. However only at 2 targets.

Item:                        EV skin/item If possible with the angel wings from the guardian pets, if possible summoning buff beam animations.
Event Name:          GV
Forged by:              Heaven's Best Mechanic.
Description:           Guardian Robot activating.
Mana value:           2B

Pet Stats;               Boost range 1228 (same as ginger) boost intensity 125 Boost targets 2

Stats:                      HeroHealth:   480    HeroDamage:    250    CastRate:           250    Ability1:            360
                                TowerHealth: 200   TowerRate:        200    TowerDamage:  200    TowerRange:    200
Upgrades:              comparable to ginger etc (could not check, steam went down)

Concept:                Basically the EV hero as a Gaurdian pet. Yellow colour (255,255,000). glows like ginger, butterscotch etc. If possible the summoning of a Buff Beam as buff animation. or no animation if not possible. The effect of this pet should be a guardian Buff equal to that of a squire guardian + hunter guardian + monk guardian + apprentice guardian. Basically a buff beam guardian. However with only 2 towers boosted

Balance:                 Balance wise comparable to ginger or the other event guardians. Since the squire guardian buff is virtually useless. You have 3 useful buffs combined. however                                       only buffing 2 towers. 3*2=6. so should be equivalent to the other event guardians, that boost 6 towers with 1 buff (6*1=6)



V for Vendetta number 5 themed EV guardian pet. That boosts all guardian buffs at 5 targets but decreased intensity (25 instead of the capping 40 intensity stat)

Item:                       EV skin/item If possible with the angel wings from the guardian pets, if possible summoning buff beam animations.
Event Name:         EVE
Forged by:             5 godly mechanics
Description:           5 bit EV
Mana value:           555.555.555

Pet Stats;               Boost range 1105 (remember remember the 5th of November) boost intensity 25 Boost targets 5

Stats:                      HeroHealth:   555    HeroDamage:    555    CastRate:           555    Ability1:            555
                                TowerHealth: 555   TowerRate:        555    TowerDamage:  555    TowerRange:    555
Upgrades:              125/125 (125=5^3)

Concept:                Basically the EV hero as a Guardian pet. Purple colour (255,000,255). glows like ginger, butterscotch etc. If possible the summoning of a Buff Beam as buff animation. or no animation if not possible. The effect of this pet should be a guardian Buff equal to that of a squire guardian + hunter guardian + monk guardian + apprentice guardian. Basically a buff beam in guardian form. Boosting 5 towers, however at lower boost intensity (25 compared to 40(+ like 128 event) witch is cap). The EV pet has a 5 in most stats. even the name. e=5th letter of alphabet v=roman letter for 5. This as a homage to V for vendetta (film). It would also be really cool if the EV guardian could wear a mask (guy falks looking mask, i think the hockey mask comes closest in-game)                               

Balance:                 Balance wise a little trickier. The squire buff is virtually useless. But that keeps 3 buffs at 5 targets. compared to 1 buff at 6 targets for other event gaurdians. To balance this out the buff intensity should be dramatically lower. Around 25 boost intensity, the damage multiplier is roughly the same as can be had from extreme endgame stats EV buff-beam. And the range and rate boost are significantly lower than from 40+ gaurdian pets. So that should roughly balance out. If it is to OP. you could further lower the boost intensity to 20. (although 25 also matches the 5^5 is 5 theme of the pet. Same for the tower/hero stats. 555 in everything might be a bit high. but not extremely. if to OP could lower it down to 55 or 125 everywhere.

I know im taking a bit of a risk with these suggestions. Since the genie effect might not be possible code wise. Same for EV as pet. I had a few other idea,s but none came close to these in my mind. so im just going for it.                


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The item of choice is the Omenak Mask, specifically for the dark angel set bonus.


The stats are based around other existing masks, especially Ocean. It is made to be more useful on Monk than Ocean, but still have incentive to use Ocean on something like a Jester or EV due to the higher Hero Damage/Ability Two. The tower stats are decent for when you need to build auras in the heat of battle as well.


This item is a homage to the weapon used for a low stat Great Old One challenge. Item name, upgrades and quality are a reference to the original Obunga's Lament (the Mischief Maker used in the challenge). Description and forged name is a reference the original 'Obunga' Great Old One challenge. Mana value is a reference to the HP value of Great Old One on one player scaling.


Item Info


Item on character


Item on ground


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Thought it'd be nice to have an accessory that goes with Something Pink and Arm Guards of Love.




Edited by T_bolt
Added dropped picture
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On white reaper it should say forged by Simo in white, dont know how to edit post on phone

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