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It's a "sweet" spear.



Auction Rules:

  • This auction will be ending on Wednesday 29th July at 11:00 PM EST.
  • Bids in the last 12 hours will extend the auction by 12 hours to prevent sniping.
  • There is a hidden reserve.
  • For events valued 100cv and above but you wish to bid with a lower amount of the event item, I may make up for extra CV leftover with change from me, depending if I have enough. Discord message me if this is the case.
    • Example Bid: "90cv of Pointy Hat (70cv change from you as discussed through Discord)"
      This is where Pointy Hat is valued at 160cv for this auction.

Accepted Currency (Events must be traced):

  • Up to 5cv in coal at 8:1
  • Cubes up to 5cv
  • Diamonds (5/10/15)
  • Small Diamonds (1cv for below defined triple cap / 5cv triple cap of rate, damage, & range / 10cv quad cap)
    • Up to 5cv for non-triple
    • Up to 10cv total
  • Ancient Plume - 50cv
  • Black Magick - 30cv
  • Butterscotch - 200cv
  • Celebracers - 160cv
  • Cinnamon - 120cv
  • Cracker - 100cv
  • Devil's Pool Skimmer - 35cv
  • FPC - 450cv
  • Gaia's Last Gift : 70cv
  • Ginger - 140cv
  • Greater Magicite of Wind - 150cv
  • Lumen - 35cv
  • Maelstrom - 20cv
  • Mask of Legends - 50cv
  • Memoriam - 50cv
  • Ocean - 50cv
  • Pointy Hats - 160cv
  • Rainmaker - 300cv
  • Rockshatter - 120cv
  • Salem - 25cv
  • Waterfall - 45cv
  • **Any other events at above market price (Discord message me)




Edited by Bonjourno
Hidden reserve not met; putting up for raffle

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