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level 78, and after?

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Hello everyone !

I have an apprentice and a squire level 78, mystical equipment.

Statistics of my turrets of approximately: 1000 damage / 700 range / 800 speed / 500 life

With these statistics and these characters, What map can I accomplish to further improve my statistics? and have better equipment to progress? Do you have tutorials on this? 
maybe there are some interesting challenges?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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- Level other characters repeating wave 1 of Tinkerer Lab Nightmare Hardcore: put 1 huntress, 1 summoner, 2 EV, 3 monks and 1 jester at level 74. You can spam Blockades/Harpoons from Squire to protect the crystals, it's possible to do with 200 stats, so at 1000 it should be really easy.

- Learn how to unlock Fish pets (google) and then start farming 1 fish for each of your builders at Moonbase Hard Hardcore (requires monk, EV and apprentice, but summoner and huntress might help too if needed)

- Google how to upgrade DPS armor. After you have learned, level your Jester to 78 (at this point, Tavern Defense might be the best place for you to level up, map is easy as long as you have all builders at 1000+) and equip your Jester properly, try to get him to 1000~1500 stats in HP and damage with 80%+ resists, then you can start farming Lab Assault Insane Hardcore to get you better armor. You should easily be able to reach 3000~4000 with all your chars (i suggest using an emulator to get 4x rewards).

- After all of your chars are well equipped, you can go after more niche items like a Propeller Cat from Sky City survival for your DPS EV, better builder weapons from Akatiti and Buccaneer Bay... From now on, you will be at the end of the game, so you will have to improve yourself and your strategies to be able to deal with the hardest maps so you can farm pets at CR3 wave 35 survival, weapons at Polybius and the best armors at Infested Ruins survival.

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If you do not want to farm lab assault over and over another option once you have gotten your builders to ~1500 stats would be to do dread dungeon survival with only summoners out to drop armor or kings game survival.

In order to make those survivals a lot easier you will need 2 "boost summoners" with guardian pets. You can get these pets from moonbase campaign rewards while you farm fish. You will want 2 huntress guardians, 1 apprentice guardian and 1 monk guardian. In terms of stats just get ones with Hero health and ab2 if you can but you really want to look for guardians with 90 or more guardian range, over 40 intensity boost and over 40 upgrades so you can make them each boost 5 towers (every 10th upgrade lets you upgrade amount of towers boosted up to 5 total so you need at least 40 upgrades).

These summoners don't need anything other than a little bit of hp so just find some armor with hero hp and enough upgrades to cap resists (or as close as you can get to 90%). Also you will want one summoner with a huntress + apprentice guardian to boost your DST towers and your other will have a huntress + monk to boost your LT towers. Don't use 2 of the same guardians on the same summoner because they do not stack and will boost half as many towers as they should.

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