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[ENDED] 3 pieces of ++ armor and an upgrader KK

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I want to auction these 3 ++ armor pieces aswell as my ++ upgrader KK.

Auction ends: 28th June 2020 at 8pm CEST

Bids within 24 hours of the auction ending will extend the auction by 12 hours.

If you need to reach me my name is click click on steam or nilkan#3201 on discord.

I reserve the right bla bla blaa....

Accepted currencies are: 

Coals (max 5 cv in value)

Cubes (max 20)

Diamonds 5/10/15

++ app chain pieces, dm me for pricing


Pointy event hats 100 cv

Ginger/butter 90 cv

FPC 200 cv 

*For other events, please dm me

Current offers:

Leather gloves: Jaym 20 cv

Chain boots: Sesar 50 cv

Pristine boots: corrin 25 cv

KK: Diabetes  4 cv





Can get kk IC if wanted.

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Chain: 15cv (I'm probably going to ruin it for my THP summoner :classic_cool:)
KK: 2cv

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Leather Gloves 20cv

Chain boots 30cv

Edited by Jaymuz

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