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[WTA] ++ Armours [ENDED]

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Reserve the right to not sell, etc etc.

Accepted Currency (Events must be traced):

  • Diamonds (5/10/15)
  • Butterscotch - 120cv
  • Celebracers - 80cv
  • Cinnamon - 80cv
  • Final Patch - ~120cv
  • Ginger - 80cv
  • Greater Magicite of Wind - 100cv
  • Lumen - 25cv
  • Pointy Hats - 100cv
  • **Any other useful events at market price




Chain Helm | C/O: 25 cv

Chain Boots | C/O: 20 cv

Mail Helm | C/O: 15 cv 

Pristine Gloves | C/O: 5 cv


If you have a buyout offer, message me on discord at viral#0089. Auction will last about a week.

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Auction has ended. Mail Helm and Pristine Gloves aren't being sold. I have contacted the other two for their pick-up.

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