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[WTS][PC] Shiny Mote, Pristine Mote, lvl10 Focused AP chip(bow)

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I Want To Sell the above items.

Shiny mote 2x99

Pristine Mote 1x99

lvl 10 Focused AP Chip on C6 bow


Shiny Enchanted hammer (C4-5-6) x30

Shiny Ruby Cluster (C4-5-6) x2

Shiny Scale (C4-5-6) x8

Shiny Quill (C4-5-6) x5

Shiny Token (C4-5-6) x2

Shiny Talisman (C4-5-6) x2

Shiny Chromium Ingot (C4-5-6) x5


I would happily take offers on the first hand.

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