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June 12 Hotfix Notes

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We just pushed out a hotfix that is focused towards anyone with a Legacy profile and looking to use the Legacy Transfer tool. Let’s get into it!

Legacy Transfer Tool

On Wednesday, we pushed this tool out so that players were able to bring their Legacy profiles over to “Play” before Legacy is closed in the coming weeks. We had discussed with our community previously that the reason Legacy wasn’t brought over initially and given its own space was because of the work involved to make it happen, on top of the unknowns that could cause more work. When pushing this out to thousands of Defenders with a broad spectrum of different setups, what we test internally and with our RQA group doesn’t always match one to one. There were two issues that arose.

Legacy Progression

The first is that because of various reasons, a very small amount of players were able to continue progressing on Legacy when playing. Those that were prevented was due to a check that would have overwritten parts of the profile, causing it to become corrupt and essentially wiping all your progress. So here is what our solutions were:

  1. Apply a fix that we knew worked internally, but given the nature of how profile saving works, potentially wipe out some player profiles when they try to transfer and not have a way to recover them.
  2. Disable progression on Legacy, leaving profiles intact and able to be transferred with little to no issues.

We’re going to be going with solution 2, because there’s just enough unknowns with the first that we don’t feel is safe.

The TL;DR is that progression on Legacy is disabled, but transferring after this hotfix should be smooth sailing.

Data Overwrite

The second issue is related to players who have already transferred their profiles. If you have successfully transferred from Legacy to Play since our Wednesday, June 10th, hotfix (ver. and also played on Play before the Wednesday, June 10th, hotfix (ver. please do the following:

  1. Navigate to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\DDS\Saved\SaveGames
  2. Move the _SECURE version. e.g. DDA_Player_76561198051185047_SECURE.esv to your desktop or other location.
  3. Launch DDA again and keep playing.

The reason for doing so is that with your local data and cloud data, there’s a chance that it can read the save and overwrite your transfer data with a previous save. By doing the above, it removes the chance of that happening completely.

What we’re doing here is a bit of uncharted territory and means that ultimately there are going to be some hurdles we run into. Our goal is to do what we can so that our players have the best experience playing as possible and be transparent regarding any issues we run into as we strive for that goal.

Shadow Costumes

With this hotfix, we’re also going to be pushing the previously promised Shadow Costumes to our pre 1.0 purchasers. These are not the same as the pre-order costumes, which will be coming at a later date.

Social Defenders

To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms:

Keep an eye out for more info!

For Etheria!
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