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WTA ++app staff (gets to 600 rate) ENDED

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Currency accepted:

  • Diamonds valued at (5/10/15)
  • Cubes 10 max since cv is also dias 
  • Coal 40 max

Events accepted:

  • All Party Hats (100cv)
  • Crackers (60cv)
  • Plume (35cv)
  • Glaciers (30cv) 1 max
  • Celebracers (100cv)
  • MoL (35cv)
  • Memoriam (35cv)
  • Gaias last gift (70cv)
  • I may accsept other events.  Please  msg me for pricing in those.



Auction Rules:

  1. Auction will last until 15/06/2020 (Monday the 15th) at 8pm CET
  2. Sniping is not happening, bids posted in the last 12 hours will extend the auction by one day
  3. Contact me on Discord if you got any Questions (Dolgor#8091)
  4. I have price in my mind so if it will not go over it i will not sell it

thx billy for the overlay :) 




Edited by Dolgor

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2 hours ago, Aj666 said:

Mr. Crackers + 25 in dias

The previous guy already bid more xd

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