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WTB Ultimate plus plus armor.

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So going to be using this for a thread to show which ++ armor pieces I am interested in getting over time. and some other gear maybe..

Message me on discord if you have any questions etc.

Looking for an upgrader ++ plate helmet. (Priority)

Looking for dps ++ leather vest with hp attack ab1 and ab2.
Also looking for leather boots that are the same  hp attack ab1 and ab2 to replace my current ones missing ab1.

Need ++ dps mail gloves to finish off a dps set.

Looking for a very good ++ chain tower boost helmet for my monk. 1100's ab1 with nice sides( Very high priority) I have ++ dps plate boots, ++ mail adept helmet, or possibly other things to offer low on cv atm.

Pristine Gloves Thp 1100s+ with great rate/radius.

Somewhat interested in ++ plate tower vest to finish off a plate set.

last up ++ tower mail gloves, boots with a damage and rate preference. ( not a priority ) If someone trades for my ++ helmet then i'm not bothering with this set

Somewhat considering leather hero boost ++ pieces ( already have a helmet )

Edited: list updated. 9 6 2020

On an unrelated note looking for ++ fairy with high hp atk and ab2.

Better ++ **DPS** ember scepter ( not a beam only one )

Edited by Lootlovinggamer

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Updated got my ac of spades. and i think everything is up to date for the time being. I may try to go for plate dps pieces but only if i end up farming something other than boots.

Priority is still chain ab1 helmet in the 1100's.

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