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Hey guys ive decided to auction some of my spare ++ that i think some of you might have use for.

Rates for coal are 1:8 and diamonds go 5/10/15 with a maximum of 40 coal.

Celebracers - 90cv

Pointys - 100

FP - 180

Ginger - 100

Butter - 120

Crackers - 60

I may accsept certain other events and ++ armour peices.  Please  msg me for pricing in those.



Plate: (needs even more love)

Chain: (reserve still not reached)

Pristine: 180 (PiisamiRotta)  

             195 corpse 

             210 piiamirotta

End date is 17th June 23:59 pm (GMT+1)




Edited by Sesar64
Sorry about tripple picture on plate

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updated, and to clarify that chain is 81x

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