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WTA ult plus plus armor CLOSED.

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Have a couple ++ armor piece's i'd like to auction.

Accepting cubes max 20, diamonds 5/10/15. events depends on what and if one is offered.  Willing to do buy outs. Also considering trading for another ++ piece I want.

Auction will run until 6/10/2020. Or until lack of interest

No sniping, it will extend the auction time.

I have the right to refuse if not happy with the offer.

item check image below both possible.

Current offers.

Helmet: 45 Cv Bishop_Bishop

Gloves: 40 CV Tragnesor

image.thumb.png.c4fd2dc0f45e8e9fa019c0f89c9b95b5.png   image.thumb.png.7c44d2a2784d66bacfe0a100da55939f.png


  Ignore below.. cause cant remove pictures >.>




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