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Christmas in June!!

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Hey I’ve been trying and trying my hardest to do the winter in June event thing your doing and I’ve made it to 32 on both maps and I’ll just crash now my pc is a toaster but I really don’t know what e

I see you're joining DD2 in the June holiday festivities!

here is a dog    

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Thx for the awesome Event!

I had no Issues running the maps, except for a goblin copter ogre that got stuck oob on WW once.

I encountered a small bug though. I lowered my Resolution ingame before the run, since i wanted to run it on my side monitor in Full HD and not in 2k on the main monitor. This resulted in some funny looking screenshots with the video options still open and the Full HD screen on top of it. Maybe because i play Windowed, not in Fullscreen. :D It happened on WW a day later too. 

+ BoredRainy is a Summoner but the picture in the stats is a Demonness, for whatever reason idk lol.

Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198041319348 (ps: i'm not from swaziland, only for the memez)








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After multiple attempts of both WW and WM i have decided my potato pc just cannot handle it. So instead here is my crash report.

During all runs these were my settings: 920 x 1080, non full screen, medium quality (using the ini fix but not uncapped frames)

I tried 4 runs on WW. On two of them i crashed at the very start of wave 26, i cannot think of any cause of these crashes, other run crashed mid wave of 25 after i used flashheal. And my final run i made it to wave 32 and again after i used flashheal the game closed. 

Again on WM i had two attempts and two crashes. WM didn't seem as laggy and i was able to make it to wave 30 and 31. Both these crashes happened around the middle of the wave. and unfortunately to unknown reasons. 

Thank you for hosting this giveaway. Id love to say this event was fun :P but it was torture on both me and my PC, I Hope my attempts help out though. 


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