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Christmas in June!!

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Hey I’ve been trying and trying my hardest to do the winter in June event thing your doing and I’ve made it to 32 on both maps and I’ll just crash now my pc is a toaster but I really don’t know what e

I see you're joining DD2 in the June holiday festivities!

here is a dog    

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@Dhub79ger you need to include winter wonderland screenshot too :)

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Didn't crash but this bug test event giveaway takes way too long to run. Started 18, upped 2 waves, then stayed on 4 summ. Only bug I ran into was WW kills; joining and leaving on builders using tf emu causes their kills to stop tracking. 


WW Heroes: https://i.imgur.com/6KhcZwY.jpg


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Winter Mire without any issues.
Winterwonderland: 2 times lost internet connection, 3rd time lost at wave 35 (40 enemies left)




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