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Support - hacker label after game crash -fixed

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late night edit - CG fixed the issue. Thank you all.  BIG shout out to Ice who helped me trouble shoot it for hours late night saturday. Another big thanks to Mary who pointed me to Phillip who was able to fix it. The whole team at CG is great.


Dont see a specific DDA ticket site, or help forum section anymore.

Hey CG, need some help. Been trying to get ahold of someone in discord but its the weekend so ya know how it is.

Last night after update the browser no longer showed games, this morning a couple popped up. Anyway, tried to join Juice this morning and he got the hacker screen popped up when i tried to join.

I think my game had crashed before update, a few people in discord said they had similar flagging after crash.

This is happening on my play account, this isnt even legacy character wierdness.

Anyway, hit me up in discord so we can get this fixed when u all arent enjoying your weekend off. ill keep the discord pinging to a minimum.


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Issue was resolved

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