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[ENDED] WTA 67k ember sceptre, ++ leather helmet, ++ plate gloves, ++ chain boots

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Auctioning these pieces, auction rules:

  • auction will run untill 06/06/2020 22:00 CEST (central Europe)
  • the acution will be extended by 12 hours if there is a bid in the last 2 hours
  • diamonds are valued at 5/10/15 for no/single/double caps
  • coal is NOT accepted
  • cubes are accepted for a maximum of 20cv
  • accepted events are:
    • celebration/NPC/EPH: 100cv
    • celebracers: 100cv
    • final patch: 150cv
    • memoriam: 50cv (max 1)
    • ginger: 80cv
    • butterscotch: 100cv
    • rainmaker: 200cv
    • vortex hammer 25cv (max1)
    • vortex shield 35cv (max 1)
  • I reserve the right to decline the winning bid if i think it isn't good enough
  • current offers:
    • A (sceptre): 32cv iTzEctztazy
    • B (leather helmet): 200cv Billy
    • C (plate gloves): 50cv Dwane
    • D (chain boots): 20cv Hans Joachim

(the sceptre is upped on ranked)

ignore the top 2 images, the forums suck and won't let me delete them.






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Chain boots 15cv
thought you had a gigantic ++ auction for a moment there

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40cv on the plate gloves

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