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Item bought from shop becomes Campaign Level, but kept its stats?

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Okay so I've been trying to game the AP Reset system by selling some of the nice gear I had to an Alt Account, so I can buy it back later when I'm done AP Resetting at Chaos 7 (and not need to upgrade it all the way back up). 

Basically just relics and pieces I got while playing which had level 8-10 mods. 

So I tried selling one to an Alt Account and it got scaled down to Campaign. Bummer. I figure it's because the alt account was a newb account at Campaign Level. So I tried raising him all the way up to Chaos 7, which I did. Now, I tried selling a Chaos 7 item to him again, and this time the item was sold and turned into a Campign Item, *BUT* it retained its stats and was as strong as a Chaos 7 item. Although the mods it had became scaled to Campaign level (which defeats the purpose of what I was trying to achieve).


But the crazy part is the Chaos 7-level Campaign Item that I now have. It looks like this: 



So any idea what's going on? I wonder if I try to upgrade it, what will happen...

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Lol definitely a glitch it happens to me to too don’t upgrade it won’t go any further 

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