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Reroll chance suggestion!

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I started to play dd2 again 3 months ago after a 2 year pause, and i started some serious grind on c7 drakenfrost restor for tokens.
I know about the 286 reroll thing, and i was reroling a mod and i had not ideea that my 286 chance was coming soon because there is no counter or something that tells you u are coming close to ur 286 and 10/10 and i rushed (because i had no idea that was coming) and i skipped it. 

So my sugestion si that when you reroll a mod and a 10/10 comes up and u by mistake press (No Thanks) a 2nd promp pops up asking you if you really want to skip a 10/10 reroll.
That's it, i consider to be a good quality of life change...and i dont think it is hard to change this.

Thank you,
Looking forward to hear from you

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