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Sir John

[WTA] Ginger!!! [Ended]

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Posted (edited)

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Today we got a Ginger auction on our hands. (The Ginger is traced obviously)

Since I missed the most recent event item which was given out in a contest, I thought this would be a good way to get my hands on one!

For all bids Crackers will be required.

I value items as following: Crackers 60cv - not optional. Diamonds 5/10/15. I do not accept cubes in a higher quantity than 10 and I do not accept coal.

If you wanna bid other event items or if you got any questions msg me on discord: Sir John#2425 ( I do NOT accept untraced event items )

Auction ends 9am (CET) may 26th.

C/O: Crackers and 50CV (110CV)

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